Our Rumours Facebook Page Has Been HACKED!!!!!

AS OF AUG. 13, 2022 ~ Our "Rumours" Facebook Page www.facebook.com/rumours1997tribute was Hacked. Please stop following this facebook page. 

We have no administrative abilities left on this Facebook page for unknown reasons.We have made repeated attempts to regain them, with no response from Facebook/Meta. Unfortunately whomever hacked our page has control over alot of copyrighted material including videos, pictures and personal information of ours. 

Please stop following this page on Facebook. We fear whomever hacked our page will gain access to other personal and business pages we/you have. We have no idea how they did it, nor why. They are posting weird videos on the page now that have nothing to do with our band, or really anything for that matter. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we will continue to update you with current information here on our website

Follow Shannon's personal page here~ www.facebook.com/shannonmartinpaul.

Lance and Shannon have a Facebook for their Acoustic Duo where they update on Rumours. That page is linked up to the Rumours Instagram Page.


Our Instagram is @rumours01

Lance's Website is www.lancehorwedel.com 

We are in discussion about building a new Facebook page for the band.

Please stay tuned and Thank You for your patience and continued support!

"Rumours" ~ Ohio's Premier Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

Lance, Shannon, Claudia, Brian, Dave, Matt & Russ. 

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