Rumours Bios

"Stevie Nicks"

Shannon Martin-Paul

"Stevie Nicks"

Shannon Martin-Paul has been working as a Professional Vocalist in and around Avon Lake, Ohio for over 35 years. 

She attended LCCC to study music (1993-95) and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Photography (2013-2017) where she graduated with her Associates of Arts Degree.

For the past 24 years she has led various bands with her husband and bass player Brian Paul, including "Nomad Soul", and "The Nomad Soul Acoustic Group".

In 2016, Shannon was asked to sit in as “Stevie Nicks” at a “Rumours Ohio” show in Rocky River, Ohio by her long-time friend and vocalist Claudia Doman & was asked to permanently join as “Stevie Nicks” at the end of January 2018.

When you watch Shannon sing and perform Stevie, you are taken back to the 1970-80's era of Fleetwood Mac. Her absolute adoration of "everything" Stevie Nicks, ability to channel Stevie's vocals, stage presence & her attention to detail when it comes to Stevie's wardrobe submerges you into the enchanting world of Stevie. 

Look out for Shannon & Lance performing as an Acoustic Duo and Claudia joining them for The Rumours Unplugged Trio as well. 

For Shannon's Full Bio check her profile on Facebook & Instagram!

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"Mick Fleetwood"

Brian Runkle

"Mick Fleetwood"


Brian Runkle is originally from Sandusky, Ohio but currently resides in Clyde.

His love of music started in elementary school and continued throughout his academic life. He attended Kent State University to study music (1989-90) but ultimately chose to pursue his other interests in radio, television and film. He graduated with his Bachelors of Arts in Communication from Bowling Green University in 1994.

Brian has been involved with many popular north coast area bands throughout the years including "Uncle Meat", "The Cocobeano’s", "Christian Kaser Band", and currently plays with "The Hard Candy Band". He also freelances his talents for studio work when called upon.

Brian is one of the original members of "Rumours" from its inception in 1997. Although he stepped away for a few years to pursue other musical opportunities; the "Rumours" family welcomed him back home when he became available.

Brian brings great energy and feeling to the music of Fleetwood Mac, doing his best to capture the essence of Mick Fleetwood while adding his own unique style and flair.

Brian can be found working outside of Rumours Ohio with his Alternative Rock Band "Hard Candy". You can check them out online and on the scene here!

"Christine McVie"

Claudia Doman

"Christine McVie"

Claudia Doman is a seasoned performer with an extensive background in both music performance and teaching.  From singing with her Dad from when she was a child to attending LCCCs music program, she learned to play  guitar and dissect music with her husband, Drew Doman, for their performances. From there she refined and expanded her music abilities to include not only performing the music she loved, but also developed a passion to pass it on.

Claudia is dedicated to teaching and inspiring those who love and wish to learn and listen to all aspects of the amazing gift of music we have all been given.  

She has also taught , inspired and worked with young up and coming music lovers by teaching vocal and guitar lessons. She has directed many shows and performance-based programs at the School of Rock as well as with her husband Drew. 

Claudia has performed in various other live bands since the 1990s, including "New Decade" with her husband and other projects with Shannon. 

She settled into the role as "Christine McVie" in Rumours in 2005 and hasn't looked back since!  She is a generous musician whose poise and ability to adapt, has added grace and balance to the Rumours cast.  

Always looking for the meaning behind the music, Claudia will make you a believer, delivering a heart-felt performance with conviction every time!

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"John McVie"

David McNary

"John McVie"


Dave McNary is from the North Shore of Ohio. In addition to his past work with Walt Sanders & The Cadillac Band, he is in demand as a freelance bassist with a wide variety of regional bands and musical acts.

David began his professional music activities first by studying drums, but ultimately found his musical voice with the bass guitar. His great ear and solid chops are deeply appreciated and respected by his peers. 

Keyboardist, Pete Ford writes, “I come from a family of bass players, David is one of my favorite rock bass players to gig with. When David is on the gig I automatically play to my fullest because I don't have to worry about the bass part, it'll be there. I know he's done his homework and the musical foundation will be solid."

It might not be immediately obvious by his quiet demeanor, but he truly leads the band on stage with his solid musicianship and leaves us the space to do what we want over the top. His energy is right, and the musical pocket is deep with David on the gig. Also, he reacts to the subtle musical gestures we all tend to do to make it fun on stage.

He is deeply informed by having listened to and worked out bass lines to hundreds of songs on his own. It allows us all to open up and really dig into the music.”

Dave also enjoys recording original music creations in his spare time.


Also, to see David beyond Rumours Ohio, check him out on the scene playing live with E.T. King and The Determination.



..and on Keyboards

Mr. Russ Richards


Russ Richards~ Russ came to Rumours Ohio about 3 years ago. He is a phenomenal addition to our musical family. 

Russ is currently a Keyboard Instructor at The School of Rock in Westlake. 

He studied music and piano at Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland State University and Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music. 

Russ currently plays with many other projects besides Rumours Ohio, and you can catch around and about the Cleveland area all the time! Just look for the curly red locks! 

Heart and Soul, I-Tal, Darryl Green and Powerhouse, Dashboard Lights, Switchblade Scarlet, Vambo Rools.


We are so grateful to have Russ along for the ride with us!