The Aurora Inn and Event Center

What an AMAZING Night at The Aurora Inn and Event Center! Thank you to Amy and all the staff for taking such great care of us last Saturday Sept. 21, 2019! Larry and Rob our sound and lighting technicians were fantastic, we could not of asked for better guys to help us out that evening! We would like to thank all of you for coming out to support us, for dancing the night away and having such a great time despite to surprise downpour before we started!

We love to perform for all of you, and as our 2019 season winds down, I would like to share with you something Debbi, a woman with Alzheimers who was at out show, shared with me after our performance. Debbi said that despite her Alzheimers, she remembered ever word to the songs we performed, when they came out, what she was doing, where she was at, and who she was with. She shared that music connects people, is powerful and that she appreciated the fact that we put so much into our performance. 

I very much appreciated Debbi for sharing her story with me, and her connection to the music we perform. Everything she said is completely true! Music does connect people, it can heal you, make you remember, tell a story, and make a bad day better. Music makes our world go round, no matter what music you listen to, it can help you in so many ways, and for us, playing this Tribute to Fleetwood Mac is a love story for all of us. We are all connected to these songs for different reasons, but we all came together to perform them because of the love we have for the music. 

Thank you Debbi for reminding me and all of us, that we are all meant to be doing this. ~ Shannon & Rumours

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